«What we are told since we are little girls is that fads pass while style remains. But only Coco Chanel made it …»

An excellent location and a glorious sunny day for shooting Marta Coccoluto, archeoloist and journalist, who dressed the outfits chosen for her by NonAprireQuellArmadio.for a whole afternoon at the Tenuta Poggiorosso in Popolunia, nearby Piombino

A new look that Marta dressed enthusiastically, with fabulous smiles: from the A-shaped blouses of the 60s, to the viscosa long dresses of the 70s, up to a leather gown by Gianfranco Ferrè, a true icon of the 80s. Here below the gallery

All this under the burning sun and with beautiful background of the Tenuta Poggio Rosso, a winery located few kilometers away from the Baratti gulf that offers tasting, visit to the vineyards and stays at very peculiar facilities equipped with the best services.

A view of Tenuta Poggiorosso

For changing Marta’s outfits, a very special place: the cellar, with its big wine barrels where you can smell the scent of the grapes that in this area has an aftertaste of sea and sun. Marta directed her smile to the sun while dressing her first outfit: a bohemian dress with an optical fantasy, along with a split leather bomber jacket from the 70s and plateaux Jeffrey Campbell shoes, an item for which Marta has a true passion.

Seventies outfit for Marta Coccoluto

Shoes are Marta’s wardrobe pain and delight. Nowadays Marta, a mother of a 18 months old kid, can’t afford dizzying stiletto heels every day, but she numbers “wow”, high heels shoes among the things that can’t miss in every woman wardrobe. A “must have” is a black leather, biker jacket; and a little black dress as required by Coco, a suit Yves Saint Laurent style and an blue striped Breton shirt.  

A classic woman, in her opinion “elegance is a combination of taste, personality and education. It’s not just dressing a nice gown or owning luxury items, it’s all about the person who is dressing that gown or that accessory and about how she does it. I think about Kim Kardashian, who recently bought a Cartier watch that belonged to Jackie Kennedy. She now owns the item, but she could never buy the allure” explained Marta.

Marta’s passion for fashion goes back many years and always went along with the passion for writing. When she was a child, she pestered her parents to have a magazine and an amazing Anna Club no sleeves yellow gown  dressed by her mother.  She then became an archeologist and nowadays she coordinates the Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Popolunia, vistied every year by more than 50 thousands people from all over the world. A demanding job that she carries on with dedication, keeping her focus on her true passions: her child, her partner and writing. She is the director of thePlayers, a fashion, design and lyfestyle magazine. She also collaborates to the fashion pages of Extra Magazine and to the IlFattoQuotidiano.it as a blogger

Populonia Acropolis in the ArchaeologicalParck of Baratti and Populonia

A passion for whatever is history. Therefore a question about vintage is mandatory. For Marta Vintage is memory, is a history told through materials, cuts, fabrics, is a trace of the past to be dressed. “I just can’t avoid dressing vintage. Among my best items, a Fendi form the 30s, maybe 40s, when the maison was just a leather, umbrella and fur shop and managed by the family in via del Plebiscito, in the heart of RomeEach time I bring it with me, I think about the first owner. Who could she be?”.

Different souls for a woman that NonAprireQuellArmadio wanted to uncover in a different context.. Wheel skirt form the 50s, leather black waistcoat (as a true biker) and organza bustier (along with the inevitable Jeffrey Campbell): this was an outfit beloved by Marta, together with a colorful African design gown, elegantly dressed with turquoise earrings by Epuu, a brand from Istanbul that creates accessories with brass and Venetian laces.

African Mood for Marta Coccoluto


Rockabilly style for Marta Coccoluto

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Don’t miss a visit to the Tenuta Poggiorosso that offers opportunities to visit the wine yards and the cellar, beside tasting and purchasing its products. For more info and reservations  + 393491396774 – info@tenutapoggiorosso.it