«What we are told since we are little girls is that fads pass while style remains. But only Coco Chanel made it …»

From Anna Da Re’s blog about us and our vintage clothing. Thank you Anna!

“I am glad you already know my face very well, so that the blurred photo (which, believe it or not, is not a selfie) gives you a good idea of the bag I bougth, if not of myself…

Well, summer is here and the moment to use the “terrazze” is arrived! After having taking advantage of Emilio’s terrace for the kimono series (to be continued), yesterday I was invited to “Vintage sotto le stelle“, a vintage clothing show, organized by Lucia Navone on her beautiful “terrazzo” right in the middle of town. I am not sure how I received the invitation, but I would’n miss a vintage event for nothing in the world! When I had the chance to chat with Lucia, we discover that more than friends we share a passion for fashion and vintage. She actually sells vintage clothing on Etsy and has a very nice blog,Nonaprirequellarmadio.

Along the alley of Lucia‘s flat and on dedicated racks there were beautiful vintage clothes and shoes and accessories. What to buy? A bag, of course! Bags are one of my non secret passions…

You can see how pretty it is from the picture above (by Laura, who else?), where my blurred self is wearing a white shirt (Max & Co), skinny and ankle lenght jeans by Calvin Klein and my Barrito slip in. This smallish doctor bag in blue printed cocco leather is perfect for this outfit.

Have a nice day!