Not just trendy obsessions for fashion victims, a real poll to understand if we are victims or tormentors of ourselves.

You can either be an incurable minimal chic who would never give away the essential elegance of a pearl necklace or a romantic bohemian who loves flowers and hippie style, or even a cutting-edge woman always ahead the momentary style or a 2.0 Sherazade nomad spirited combining natural silk caftans with natural cotton dresses, please stand in front of your wardrobe and reply some simple questions.

What would you chose for three different occasions (dining out, at work, a weekend). which are your sources for inspiration as for clothes and accessories, which items are the must have in your wardrobe and which are the hotspots catching your eyes (or your mouse) when you start surfing the internet looking for something that is likely existing only in your dreams. And again, for which items you would sacrifice a pound of your flesh, along with your credit card, already dried from your last shopping trip. But the bank will understand, especially if they will see that dress you lately saw in an online magazine.

And to understand “what women want” we did not involve the appealing Mel Gibson with paranormal powers, we just rely on the numbers of a poll that in the next few weeks will try to provide insights about the female attitudes towards fashion, style and shopping.

We first tried to have a wider picture of the situation by interviewing those who are professionally dealing with such issues (fashion journalists, professionals, fashion bloggers and retailers), now we are asking questions to all of you. We would like to know if we are actually becoming more self-conscious about what we dress or if are simply fed up with buying things we do not need. After all we are in the age where “green” dominates (seems like replacing denim!) and it’s worth discovering if we ever decided not to buy an item just because we do not agree with the environmental and labor practices of the manufacturer.

The poll, promoted by NonAprireQuellArmadioan integrated communication project aimed at women, style and fashion history – represents a first step of a continuous monitor about “what women want”. Without any male intermediation, of course: just us and our wardrobe

Are we more attentive and self-conscious or we still delegate to clothes our way of being and appearing? Even for fashion we can’t just discuss about external image and fashion victims. In the age of the “2.0 consumers” who demand, inform themselves and put “likes” where they want, the industry must comply with stuff like ethic, social responsibility, limited natural resources, environmental and labor conditions consciousness. These are the messages of the Fashion Revolution Day celebrated in over 70 countries on April 24th. Over 4000 participated: independent brands, small manufacturers, designers and retailers. #whomademyclothes was the hashtag that went around the world, demanding for more transparency and more ethic behaviors by the big brands.

A special and important day, aimed at remembering the 1138 victims of Rana Plaza. For us, it has been the occasion for launching online a poll named #labitononfalamonaca, in collaboration with the Etsy Italia Team, the Italian community of the widest creative marketplace in the world. We would like to discuss about consciousness and ethic in the next few months, as well as the way the web could represent a second life for many great creatives.

Anybody can participate and support the project by dedicating 10 minutes

Here you can find the link with the questions you can reply online

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