A kind of light that just in the South of Italy can offer in a summer day, in a small paradise where NonAprireQuellArmadio set the new 15-16 Autumn/Winter collection. The exclusive Masseria Le Stanzie ((www.lestanzie.com) a farm holiday immersed in the farmlands of Supersano, along the road to Cutrofiano, in the very heart of Salento.



Furniture reminds the historic value of the location, essential and country-style. But nothing is left to chance. “Pennuli” tomatoes are hanging at the entrance and in some rooms. Chile peppers drying here and there on the ceiling. And again, bottles with home made tomato sauce as a decoration.

Here all is made in natural stone, between bougainvillea and prickly pears trees. Temperature is very high and the sun is blinding. Waiters are preparing for the dinner that, as frequently happens in August, is “sold out”. And while in the kitchen roasted “pennuli” tomatoes are being prepared, small “bruschetta” breads, focaccia filled in with meat, tripe and veal leaver, a very special model made herself available for our photo shots. Paola Bisconti has been dreaming this since she was a child.

Veduta della Masseria Le Stanzie, a Supersano in provincia di Lecce

Veduta della Masseria Le Stanzie, a Supersano in provincia di Lecce. Paola Bisconti indossa gonna godet anni ’50 e camicia in pura seta color glicine by NonAprireQuellArmadio

Paola is a journalist and a blogger, in love with books and culture. This love pushed her to promote a project “Vagabondaggio Letterario” where Paola drives the roads of Salento with a backpack on her shoulders to make people conscious of the importance of reading. Romances, poetry and essay books become a way for sharing stories and passion, especially among kids

For us she experimented, after a quick make-up and hairstyle, some outfits with an eternal smile on her lips, shot after shot. A solar mood, well combining with the colors of the Masseria and with the retro style of our items.

A combination with a typical Mediterranean taste that will come across next winter.

See the AW 2015-16 collection 16 “Scent of a Mediterranean Fall” on Etsy



La Masseria Le Stanzie, in provincia di Lecce, Un luogo esclusivo, tra piantagioni di tabacco e bouganville: è il set scelto da NonAprireQuellArmadio per la prossima collezione Autunno Inverno 2015-16. 

La Masseria Le Stanzie, in provincia di Lecce, set della nuova collezione FW 2015-16